Bellona Mattress with Base Queen Size (Length x Width x Height) (1.98m x 1.58m x 0.7m)

The Bellona mattress reflects nobility and sophistication through its Belgian knit and linen fabric, ensuring lightness, softness and resistance. Its pillow top with viscoelastic foam has memory cells that adapt to the shape of the body, allowing better adjustment and reducing nighttime movements. In addition, it features a structure of individually mounted Superpocket springs with independent movement, ensuring that one person’s movement does not affect the other’s sleep. Its ultra-firm and extra-firm high performance foam structure, made with soy-based polyol, gives the product more support and durability. Also, it features matelassé embroidery on soft foam, which increases the softness of the product and also gives the feeling of comfort and warmth. Finished with a linen side stripe that provides elegance, softness and greater resistance to the effects of time.

Product features

  • Belgian knit fabric made of polyester, linen and polyamide
  • Pillow top with memory foam
  • Structure of individually wrapped Superpocket springs
  • Ultra-firm and extra-firm foam made from 100% polyurethane
  • Embroidery in matelassé on soft foam
  • Linen side stripes

V-Protect The Ortobom V-Protect mattress is certified and approved with antiviral technology. Eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria and provides maximum protection and durability. V-Protect technology is a great innovation of German origin that is popular worldwide when it comes to preventing contamination by viruses and bacteria.

No turning No-turn technology means there is no need to turn the mattress, just reverse the position of the feet and head – ideal for those who value comfort and convenience.

Viscoelastic It was developed by NASA and is one of the most modern and comfortable mattress technologies today. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, puts less pressure on the body, facilitates blood circulation during sleep, prevents tingling and ensures better sleep quality. with less tossing and turning at night.

Superpocket springs Made from high carbon steel wire packed in TNT with an oxo-biodegradable active ingredient that is not only more resilient but also does not harm the planet. This process ensures zero noise while providing a soft feel with customized cushioning, guaranteeing high flexibility without compromising durability.